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Momken group is the guest for Building The Future Radio Show-please listen this podcast

09 Dec



My new article at MVSLIM.com:Dahlia Mostafa Switched Her Career From Engineering to Psychology to Help Others

09 Dec



My second article at Blasting News: During Elections 2016, Muslims celebrated their voting by hashtag #MyMuslimVote

09 Dec



Faith Activism-Preparing American Muslim youth to be community leaders

03 Nov


To raise the awareness and to see many politically  active American Muslims, I wrote my first article at Blasting News:


In fact, my original article was double this length but I had to cut its half according to the site maximum length regulation. Therefore, ISA will try to publish soon some unpublished excerpts ISA.

Read an share, please!

Waiting your replies and opinions!
Thanks in advance!

Image source: www.emerge-usa.org


Saqib Shaikh Is Visually Impaired – It Doesn’t Stop Him From Changing The World

22 Sep

My New article at www.mvslim.com:





Mona Megahed – Helping The Syrian Refugees In New Jersey

11 Jul

My new article at www.mvslim.com:




This Woman Went From Being a Stay-at-Home Mom to a NASA Scientist

09 Apr

My first article at www.mvslim.com:




My contribution to CNN iReport: A Muslim lobby as a counterattack to Fear Inc.

03 Dec



Free your mind and watch the new you!

11 Nov

There are many stories behind this picture.

Last August, I received “Best Skills Award” at my Taekwondo School. I recovered from two fractures in my right foot before that picture, by a couple of months.

Before the test by few days, I fell because of my foot while training.

At that time, I felt that it was over and I told myself, “Respect our age, and quit it, that is enough.”

My Master came to me and told me, “Your strength is in your mind and in what you say to yourself. If your mind can visualize yourself doing the move, your body will do it. Your body has no choice, it must follow your mind’s orders. You, who manipulate your mind and direct it by what you say to yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it and you will do it. “

I said these advices to the kids in my speech after receiving the award in the small picture in the corner. I said, “Believe that you can. Make your mind visualize it. Your body will follow.
Three steps which easy to say, but need much practice to achieve.”

I applied these steps in the sparring part of the belt test. They gave me the award because of my unexpected kicks in the sparring part. No one knew that I had to do those unexpected kicks because of my foot pain. My foot started to turn red, hot and swollen. All my focus was to avoid balancing on the fractured parts.
Indeed the success is only from Allah.

Taekwondo to me is physical therapy. I had a problem in my knee that made me not able to walk for some times or use a stick. The doctor gave me medications. After I finished my physical therapy, he said that if I ever stopped playing sports, I would repeat that course again. He added that if I want to be able to walk then I have to walk. I remembered at that time, Prophet’s Mohamed telling us that knowledge can be achieved by learning and being tolerant can be achieved by being tolerant.

Frankly, Taekwondo is psychological therapy, too.
I had a bad depression. It was worse than any physical illness.
In Taekwondo, I kick, hit, break wood boards, scream and do the energy exercises.

First day in Taekwondo, I was so embarrassed and was telling myself that I am too old to start anything. But I found that I was the youngest in the class.

Many of my daughter’s friends’ families stayed to cheer for me on my test. Everybody was encouraging me to stay persistent. Nobody was aware of the fight I had with my culture and my thoughts.

Conclusion: You can do whatever you want under whatever circumstances.
Allah created your mind free with extraordinary powers.
You who limit your mind and imprison it. Your body consequently will follow because the body has to follow the mind’s orders and has no other choice.
Free your mind and watch the new you!

Forget the people and do what you want.
Life is short and it is only a test.
The real life is the hereafter.
So purify the intentions.

Peace be upon you


Math programs and sites for Kids

30 Oct

#homeschooling #parenting #kids #math_for_kids #تعليم_منزلي #رياضيات_للأطفال (English translation below)
فيه برامج كتيرة لتعليم الرياضيات للأطفال
إليكم نتائج بحثي و تجاربي … يا ريت تفيدوني
1. يوسيماس
لم أجد له طريق تعليم بالمنزل مع الأسف
لازم سنتر و تدريب يومي
لكن النتائج اللي موجودة أونلاين تفوق الخيال
للأسف أقرب سنتر له في نيويورك سيتي و مفيش جادة جنبي 🙁

2. كيومون:
و ده عبارة عن كتب كلها مسائل فقط
مريح جدا للأباء طبعا
تقعد و هم يحلوا و يصلحوا لنفسهم قشطة خالص 🙂
في الأول بتكون طريقة لطيفة لكن بعد شوية بتكون مملة السنين
كنت بعملها لكن حاليا بنتي وقفته غالبا عشان تغلبني معاها 🙂

3.الرياضيات الذهنية
و ده له استراتيجيات حل
لسه مجربتوش لكن له مصادر كثيرة جدا أونلاين
اللي لقيته حتي الان:


4. خان أكاديمي
مجاني و مريح برضه و مطابق لمنهج المدرسة بالضبط
فيديوهات بتشرح و بعدين هم تدريبات يحلوا و أنت يجيلك الريبورت زي الباشا
لكن كالعادة برضه بنتي وقفته و مش عاجبها!!!!!!!

5. رياضيات ساكسون
ده المنهج اللي بتدرسة المدارس الشارتر هنا في أمريكا
عبارة عن مسائل مختلفة و منتوعة و كثيرة جدا جدا جدا
لازم تقعد تعملها معاهم بنفسك
مش هيعرفوا يحلوها لوحدهم خاصة اني ملقتش كتب حلول
الكتب موجودة أونلاين نزل اللي يناسب عمر أولادك

6.أي اكس ال
موقع مجاني و لطيف و كله ألوان فيشرح القلب
مش فاكرة وقفناه ليه بصراحة 🙁

7.طريقة ميلر
المركز ده جنب بيتي و الطلبة الباكستانين اللي عندي في المسجد بيروحوه و بيقولولي انهم بياخدوا مناهج ثانوي و هم لسه في ابتدائي
حاولنا نسجل فيه بنتي لكن محصلش مش فاكرة ايه اللي حصل برضه ؟!
لكنه ضاف بعض الفيديوهات أونلاين تقدروا تشوفوها، أنا ليه مشوفتهاش، لسه لاقياه و أنا بكتب دلوقتي

8. موقع تن ماركس
منال ربنا يكرمها لسه قايلالي عليه لكنه بفلوس

اللي يقدر يفيدني في حدوتة uc mas أكون ممتنة جدا جدا جدا
There are many progams to teach kids math
Here you are my experiences and what I found, I wish you, too tell me about your experiences

1. uc mas
I did nt find a homeschooling way for it
It is only taught in centers, I don’t have one nearby
but the result on youtube are amazing

It is just worksheet books
Parent don’t have to do anythig except followup
Kids sit, solve, correct for themselves
My daughter found it boring after a while 🙁

3. Mental math
it’s solving strategies
It has many free resources online


4.Khan Academy
It is free & matching exactly teh public schools currcilum
again free and parents won’t put any effort
videos explaining followed by excercies and the site send you report of your kids progress
but again my daughter stopped using it

5.Saxon Math
It is used in the chartered schools here in USA
worksheets but the problems are so different and so various
you must do it with your kids
I did nt find sol. workbook for it
but looks intersting and challenging
you can sownload it online

6. IXL
nice, & colorful
can’t remember now why we stopped using it
I think I should revisit it

7. Miller method
kids I know told me that they learn high school math while they are still in elementery
he added some videos, take a look

8. tenmarks
not free
did nt try it
a friend just told me about it from few min

who can tell me how to teach uc mas methoad at home, I’d be so grateful indeed

Manal Samy Mostafa Elkasaby Doaa Watany Kamal Saeed Selim​ Yasser Abd Elmoneim Tawfik​ Nihal Abou-Ghaly​ Haitham Mahmoud​ هاني أبوالعلا​ Khelifati Karima​ Radwa Aboudina​ Amira Ragab​ Moataz Anany​ Hanan Hassanein​ Shereen Hygazy​ Shereen Elzoghby​


Challenges facing American Muslim youth

27 Oct
Council on American-Islamic Relations in California reports about School bullying and accommodation in its 2014 annual report.

Council on American-Islamic Relations in California reports about School bullying and accommodation in its 2014 annual report.


The second generation of American Muslim youth are facing additional challenges than their American peers. They feel unsecure and their voices are unheard from their family and communities. Many of them at young age stop practicing Islam and assimilate in the society.

“When we talked about the Islamic civilizations and my 9th grade social studies class I thought okay

I’m gonna learn something about my faith and instead and it was actually the first time that I learned how to pray with so that I could demonstrate it for my class,” said Edina Lekovic in her speech to the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding addressing identity crisis. She is the director of policy and programming in Muslim Public Affairs Council.


Sameera Ahmed and Maha Ezzeddine published a paper researching the topic. The paper title is, “Challenges and opportunities facing American Muslim Youth,” and published in Journal of Muslim Mental Health. They stated that the preliminary studies have reported that alcohol use among Muslim youth ranged from 47% to 71%. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in Islam.

Family and mosque are the main sources of the religious knowledge and spirituality. Lack of communication between them and the young people is a major problem. The American Muslim youth reported that their immigrant parents usually have culture clashes with the new society. Even the children of Muslim converts, who are Americans, reported that their parents cannot understand them because they were not raised as Muslims.

“Climate of fear exists, when people don’t know us,” Lekovic said. Islam is an active religion and Muslims believe that they are encountered for the belief strength and the good actions. Many Islamic scholars and educators focus only on enriching the belief and spirituality aspects and ignore the aspect of civic and political actions.

Peer pressure during adolescence pushes some Muslim to violate their beliefs. Some participate in school dances, drugs, and dating to feel belonging. Some protect themselves by isolation from the society in an unhealthy way. Many reported discrimination cases from school teachers and bullying from their peers.

“Young people do not know much about their faith, in to be grappling with your identity and then to be confronted with questions about terrorism or bin Laden or Sony Shia or what’s happening in Iraq or Syria or you name it, and to be made into a mouthpiece first time, whether you like it or not, is an overwhelming,” Lekovic concluded.



Advocate, activist and journalist

22 Oct

Egyptian revolution, which turned everybody into activist and/or advocate.

Through two lectures at Harvard Extension, we discussed the differences between: advocate, activist and journalist. In this piece, will summarize the different ideas we discussed. The main question was: “Should a journalist be an advocate or activist?”

The difference between the advocate and activist; the advocate is helping someone or a group or a cause by written word or orally. While the activist, is the one on the ground, rallying and organizing people to make the change.

The journalist, should be neutral, he has to be objective and never state his own thoughts or push them in his pieces. He should be fair and report the different opposing parties over the conflict and not sticking to one side only.

The journalist should neither be an activist nor advocate. Most of us became skeptical about this point; journalism is the Fourth State and should inform the public. If a journalist is enthusiastic about a certain cause, he should not be an advocate for it but on best cases, report people who have his same views and values.

There are gray areas, like freedom of speech. Dan Gillmor wrote: “When it comes to free speech, journalists should be activists.” The main goal from freedom of speech is restraining the government from corruption, it acts like the watchdog.

The journalist can be an activist for a certain cause, hence, he should not report about it. He can have several hats as activist, author or journalist. But during the reporting, the journalist has to remind himself to stay objective and report what the sources are saying even if he personally has opposing point of view.

Moreover, according to these criteria, most of the media outlets right now are not objective. They drive the public’s opinion according to their agendas. Fair and objective journalist should not have any agenda.

Image source: http://www.aljazeera.com/mritems/Images/2011/1/27/2011127142051918140_20.jpg


The art and craft of feature writing

20 Oct

Blundell’s guide for feature writing is divided according to the writing process. He started by finding an idea, sources, followed by shaping the idea, then discussing the story dimensions, then planning and execution, and organizing the piece. He dedicated a special chapter for handling the key story elements; like the lead and the ending.

It is hard to jump through the chapters of the book or to skip chapters. It is built piece onto the other.

I was shocked by his list of what readers like and do not like…. Dogs to be onto the top of the list! People who are actors are much more preferred by the readers than the observers. Nevertheless, at some cases, the observers make a well formed analysis and explanation, thus the reader can understand, link unrelated events and show a zoom-out picture to the reader.

He emphasized on keeping the range of the story “narrow” to be sharp. He summarized the forethought to the reporter as follows: range of the story, central message/theme, the approach and the tone as a storyteller.

The range is the cause and effect map, where the reporter must consider: time, distance, and constituencies.

The theme is the message, it must concentrate on the action. It embeds the lead within it.

The approach can be a general profile approach, microcosm approach or round-up approach. The general profile focuses on the differences, while the microcosm profile focuses on the similarities. The round-up approach is safer by providing many voices.

The tone is the voice. Blundell summarized it in an easy method. He said: “Always consider your own feelings about the story idea before you start reporting and throughout…. If you are amused, skeptical, outraged…Hang on to your emotions… Your reporting and writing will be guided toward values they may not have included before.”


A Muslim lobby as a counterattack to Fear Inc.

16 Oct

A Muslim lobby as a counterattack to Fear Inc.

By Engy Fouda (@engyfoda)

According to a recent report and investigation by the Center for American Progress (CAP), Fear Inc. is a $57 million fund network acting with the goal of spreading Islamophobia and hatred against Muslim minorities. It makes money out of what CAP describes as a “hate” business. A number of American Muslim organizations formed a coalition to launch what they described as a Muslim lobby to counter the increasing influence of Islamophobia.

The network funds misinformation from the so-called experts, who exploit a larger network of politicians, media outlets and organizations. “The name Fear Inc. is an analogy [to suggest] that a relative small group of people are pushing [towards] these ideas. They are similar to a corporation because they are making large amounts of money [by] spreading hateful messages,” said Ken Gude, senior fellow with the national security team at CAP and a member of the crew who developed Fear Inc. reports.

Fear Inc. funders pump millions to misinformation experts to spread Islamophobia

Fear Inc. funders pump millions to misinformation experts to spread Islamophobia

Misinformation experts with the echo chamber amplify the Islamophobia to the public and mislead them.

Misinformation experts with the echo chamber amplify the Islamophobia to the public and mislead them.


A coalition of leading national and local American Muslim organizations coalesced to form a Muslim lobby, also known as The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). USCMO hosted the first National Muslim Advocacy Day in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2015. However, still at its inception, the Muslim lobby faces significant challenges in reaching media, and influencing legislation.

Figure 3 USCMO hosted the first National Muslim Advocacy Day in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2015

USCMO hosted the first National Muslim Advocacy Day in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2015



One of the main goals of the Muslim lobby is to pushback against the daily stereotyping of Muslims in the media. Moustafa Elhusseiny, broadcaster in Al Jazeera network, expressed his frustration with prevalent stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs, saying: “Americans who do not have Muslims in their social circles, carry the stereotype of the Muslim as a terrorist, and an Arab as a potential threat. Some people cringe when they hear my name!”

The Fear Inc. and Islamophobia can be demonstrated by the following polls that were conducted in September 29, 2015 by the Public Policy Polling in North Carolina.


Gude added that the current Muslim lobby is doing well, but it is not enough. There is a need of more organizations to spread out. Anyone who is counterattacking the Islamophobia should focus on having more communication with the media and the reporters covering the presidential campaigns. For example, on Trump’s campaign, the media focused most on “Obama is Muslim” as a smear. It is a smear but the response should not have been directed to that only. The response should have been to push back on the whole notion.  The media should get educated on how to talk about such issues.

As a reaction to Ben Carson’s Islamophobic attacks during his presidential campaign, Mike Ghouse co-founded the American Muslim Institution. “Bigoted people might not change their minds but when we talk in media on a daily basis, stand out and respond. This push back will make them hesitate to say any false statement again. After two or three years, they will not do it”, said Ghouse.

Education and Social diffusion

The Muslim lobby is faced with several challenges on both the Muslim and non-Muslim fronts. On the one hand, very few American Muslims know about the new coalition. “The Muslim community in the Unites States is self-enclosed. Even the organizations and Sheiks do not show up in the advocacy and human rights events. They neither interact with the American society nor support any persecuted minority groups from Latinos, and Blacks,” Elhusseiny said.

On the other hand, the wider public still harbors significant prejudices against Islam and Muslims. In 2014, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey about positive thinking towards Muslims; Republicans ratings were 33%, and Democrats ratings were 47%.

The FBI crime rate reported on their website stated that the Anti-Muslim cases has slightly increased from 2012 to 2014. The Southern Poverty Law Center stated that the Islamophobia in the United States goes into overdrive following France attacks. In 2015,  crimes such as Chapel Hill shooting, the discrimination incidents such as Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest in Dallas, and the latest anti-Muslim statements made by the Republican presidential candidates.

“It is highly required to found a new educational organization to train new cadres to represent the Muslims. The education can be done through conferences and workshops,” Hesham El-Meligy, 2013 NYC comptroller candidate, co-founder of Muslims for Liberty (M4L), added.

El-Meligy added that M4L is making conferences to correct people’s misinformation about Islam through the American Constitution. The audience is from the Tea Party. M4L is arranging a conference to counter Carson’s false claims with three of his campaign managers.

El-Meligy and Elhusseiny both emphasized that Muslims should be keener to vote. Muslims’ population should show up in: the voting base, the city council and the senate candidates.


Gude declared that, from the legislative perspective, most of the Muslim organizations are playing defense. None tried to issue a law specific to Muslims, as this is not the target. It should be for all religions not only Muslims. The organizations are mainly concerned to stop the NYPD surveillance programs and the anti-Sharia bill.

Mapping the anti-Sharia bill

Mapping the anti-Sharia bill

USCMO announced on their website that the domestic priorities of the American Muslim community, includes: “Calling on Congress to urge the U.S. Department of Justice to amend its racial profiling guidance for federal law enforcement by removing any existing loopholes that continue to permit profiling in the name of national security, domestic surveillance and policing the border. Many of these programs have disproportionately targeted Latinos, Muslims and other minorities, and raise serious due process concerns.”

Gude declared that stigmatization and training of law enforcement to profile Muslims and monitor every mosque as a counter-terrorism strategy had negative consequences and lead to many false alarms. Moreover, he said that there should be no aligning based on practicing any religion, the society should stand out against Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jew, Anti-Christian, and Anti-Atheist.

Nevertheless, Ghouse added, “Muslims are safe in the United States, it is better than any other country in the world. It is a good country, it supports free speech and I am blessed to be here.”

Gude concluded that here is no big Fear Inc. report yet, but they intend to monitor and comment on the direction of the media, shed some light on respectful Muslims to recognize them and push back the Islamophobia during the presidential campaign. Probably they will produce shorter videos to combat the negative Muslims’ stereotyping.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Yomna Ali and Michael Fitzgerald for their editing.


Financial educational games for kids ألعاب لتعليم الأطفال مبادئ المال و الاستثمار

13 Oct

‪#‎Parenting‬ ‪#‎finance‬ ‪#‎kids‬

بما اني أسوأ واحدة في الدنيا في التعامل مع الفلوس و الماليات و العك ده. أنا حرفيا بكره الفلوس. قررت اني مخليش بنتي تطلع زيي.
الرابط ده عبارة عن لعب تعليمية للأطفال بالسن لفهم مبادئ المال و الاستثمار و الأرباح. مبدأ هام جدا لا ييعرفه الكثير منا و هو: ادفع لنفسك أولا.
As I am the worst person on earth in financial dealings, money & such stuff. I hate money literally. I decided to not bring up my daughter to be like me. This link is educational games by age for financial head start to understand the concepts of money, investment and profit. A v. important rule that not many of us know is: Pay yourself first.



My writing hurdles

13 Oct


Reading Don Fry’s book “Writing your Way”, while writing the last feature piece was really useful to put all theories in practice in real time. Now, to digest more, I asked myself about my strong areas and weak areas.

Always the first chapters in any writing book are about the ideas, then the interviews. These are in my strong realm, I never run out of ideas nor people.

My real problems start when I start transcribing the interviews and writing the first draft. In Don Fry, he simplified the process to write in blocks, and to add the golden coins. The golden coins can be illustrated as pictures or strong quotes to keep the reader hooked and to push the story forward.

Moreover, I face the problem of how to end the story so the reader can remember it. Fry said that the ending is like a nice frame, that if cut, the story can still stand by itself.

Blundell’s book “The art and craft of feature writing”, answered these two weak points in six part step-by-step guide over two stages. The six parts are: History, scope, reasons, impacts, countermoves, and futures. The two stages are: planning and execution, and organization.

In the planning and execution stage, the step-by-step guide for the six blocks are listed in the book as specific questions for each part. As a summary, it is as follows:

  1. History: has the main theme roots in the past?
  2. Scope: any statistics, and numbers.
  3. Reasons: is there money or personal motives behind the events?
  4. Impacts: who is hurt? And how hard is his hurt? (It reminds me of the quote: what bleeds leads)
  5. Countermoves: who is defending? Who is winning in the story contrary forces?
  6. Futures: opinions of the observers.

In the organization stage, Blundell said that the only way is to index the facts and the interviews according to the 6-blocks mentioned above. He decomposed any feature story to the following stages:
One: Tease me, you devil.
Two: Tell me what you’re up to.
Three: Oh yeah?
Four: I’ll buy it. Help me remember it.

Hmm…this quote is quite true: “Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”


Nobel Prize جائزة نوبل

07 Oct

‪#‎NobelPrize‬ ‪#‎Parenting‬ (English translation below)
والدي العزيز رحمة الله عليه كان دائما يجعلنا نشاهد الحفل ان أمكن و نقرأ عن هؤلاء العلماء و أسباب نيلهم الجائزة. في الوقت الذي كانت حواديت قبل النوم لكل صديقاتي -لو كان فيه- عن الأميرات و الأمراء الذين يتزوجوا ليعشوا في تبات و نبات و يخلفوا صبيان و بنات، كان والدي رحمة الله عليه يحكي لي عن سميرة موسي و كيف تم اغتيالها و أنه يتمني لو أكملت مسيرتها حين أكبر، عن ماري كوري و عبقريتها و غيرهن.
من المهم للأباء أن يكون عندهم القدوة و الاستراتيجية في تربية الأولاد، ربما الأولاد لن يحققوا أحلام الأباء. لكن لابد أن يتمني الأباء أن يصبح أولادهم أشخاص عظماء و يغرسوا ذلك بداخلهم ويريهم أمثلة حية يسيروا علي خطاها.
My dear Dad-May Allah bless his soul- always made us watch the Nobel Prize ceremony if possible. He used to get us all information, he can find about them and about their achievements. While my friends’ bed time stories were about princess & princes, getting married & live happily ever after, my dad was telling me about Samira Mousa & her assassination. He wished if I could complete her dream. He was telling me about Marie Curie, her genius & many other genius ladies.
It is important to have a strategic plan for our kids and to dream of their glorious future. May be they won’t fulfill our dreams but it is our duty to instill in them the desire to be glorious. It is our duty to show them such real examples to follow their foot steps.


Fighting oneself

06 Oct
Fighting my internal critic and my mind over the gig selection

Fighting my internal critic and my mind over the gig selection

Finally, I have finished reading Don Fry’s book “Writing Your Way.” I like most the last chapter, where he collected all the book’s techniques. I feel that I want to re-read it again and want to re-write all my stories again, upon what I learned from the book. My internal critic is so loud right now yelling at me, “Do not pitch, you are not ready yet. Work on knowing yourself. You need more time to investigate your strengths and weaknesses.” But I can never know without trying.

Other than fighting with my internal critic, I am fighting my mind on the gig selection. It is like questioning myself: “Which cage do I like most, in order to lock my mind in it?” I get bored fast, nevertheless, I know that hopping around will not help me earn any money.

I know that there are shortage in journalists; who write about Muslims in America. According to my blogs’ analytics, the readers like most what I write about politics, travel, parenting and book reviews respectively.

I think I should start collecting newspapers’ writing guidelines and ask my social media about which of my writings they like most. May be talking with people, helps me decide.

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مقتطفات مسموعة لكتاب حكايات عن الحب و السفر

02 Oct

كتاب حكايات عن الحب و السفر للكاتبة إنجي فوده
متوفر بمكتبات ديوان و ألف بمصر و خارج مصر متوفر بموقع أمازون بنسخة ورقية أو كيندل
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تويتر: engyfoda
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Controversy over unifying the Muslim voices

29 Sep
Muslim population in the United States-2000

Muslim population in the United States-2000

There is a controversy over the strategy of communication between Muslims and the United States government. Some call for having a united voice for Muslims under one umbrella representing them. This organization talks on their behalf, hoping that this unity causes a high prominence. Others call for founding more organizations. Each has its strategy, and its voice, so the impact magnifies.

Moustafa Elhusseiny, broadcaster in AlJazeera Network, is supporting the unity. He said that they need an entity to direct their movement and opinion. “This will cause Muslims to be a mobile critical mass.  Thus have an impact on the legislation like the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).”

Ken Gude, senior fellow with the national security team at American Progress, supports the other opinion. He said, “Muslims is a diverse community. They need many organizations reflecting that, representing each sector and consolidating each other.”

Mike Ghouse, founder of the American Muslim Institution, agrees with Gude’s opinion. He said that Muslims in the United States are: Sunni, Shi’a, Ahmadiyya, and others. So it is so difficult to have one organization representing all. This is a Muslim problem not an American problem. They have to always seek and stay on a common ground.


Image source: http://www.islamproject.org/education/United_States.html


Do not kill curiosity but stay safe!

22 Sep


My younger brother was curios about fire. While exploring fire by himself,
the car caught fire while he was locked inside!

Do not kill curiosity but stay safe!
Kids’ curiosity about fire

It is never easy for a parent to allow his kids to indulge their dangerous curiosities before his eyes. Every parent feels that his responsibility is to overhaul his kids’ behavior and to protect them from any harm. My Dad had the same goals but he applied them in an unusual way. When he found us so curious about exploring something lethal, like fire, he urged us to do it in front of him and under his supervision. His goal was to be ready to protect us and save our lives without killing our drive to explore, nor killing ourselves.

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Writing Your Way – Don Fry

21 Sep





Are you a Planner or Plunger?

“One of the horrors of the writer’s life is sitting at your keyboard not knowing what to say,” this sentence hooked me, this is exactly how I feel every time I have to write!
Don Fry in “Writing Your Way,” analyzes the writers, classifies them and guides each type. Fry is a writing coach, a writing teacher and a freelancer writer. He aimed the book at nonfiction writers who are not journalists.

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E-nose to detect the lung cancer from the breath

17 Sep




This is how the gases is collected for the e-nose nowadays. (*)

E-nose to detect the lung cancer from the breath

By Engy Fouda

Master’s student’s ultimate goal is using the electronic nose (e-nose) to analyze the patient’s breath for early lung cancer detection. He is investigating the e-nose usage for different applications as pre-steps to reach his goal. He believes that the e-nose is the fastest detection method for lung cancer.

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My second time in Amsterdam after 12 years

17 Sep


I visited Amsterdam in 2003 and again in 2015, the difference is huge. My first visit was really horrible, I almost lost my camera by pick-pocketing and was shocked by the drugs and nudity. The city entirely changed after those 12 years, it is way more family friendly and much safer than before.

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بفضل الله سورة النور أصبحت كاملة

16 Sep

سلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

كل عام و أنتم بخير 🙂

الحمد لله و بفضله سورة النور تم رفع لمساتها كاملة


لقراءة البقية


A new look for the website

18 Aug

SA all,

I just updated my website: www.engyfoda.com

Please check its new look, tell me what you think and what to change.

I really need your feedback, thanks in advance!

Best Wishes,



بفضل الله سورة البقرة أصبحت كاملة

09 Jun

سلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

كل عام و أنتم بخير رمضان كريم 🙂

الحمد لله و بفضله سورة البقرة تم رفع لمساتها كاملة

و جاري العمل علي لمسات سورة ال عمران يا مسهل يا رب

 سورة الفاتحة  و سورة البقرة  (كاملة)

لقراءة البقية


بفضل الله سورة المائدة أصبحت كاملة

14 May

سلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته أصدقائي الأعزاء

الحمد لله و بفضله سورة المائدة تم رفع لمساتها كاملةو سورة البقرة حتي صفحة 27 -يا مسهل يا رب 🙂

الروابط أهه:

 سورة الفاتحة  و سورة البقرة  (حتي صفحة 27

 سورة النساء (كاملة)

سورة المائدة (كاملة و الحمد لله

و تاني التنبيه المعتاد 🙂

لست أنا من أعد هذا المحتوي، أنا أنشره فقط، جزي الله كل خير لمن أعتده


كتاب نظم الدررلتناسب الايات و السور

التفسير السعدي

أسباب النزول للنيسابوري

لمسات بيانية لفاضل السمارائي

متشابهات للكسائي

تقبل الله منا جميعا امين


Donate Your Knowledge!

13 May
Dr. Khaled Alashmouny talking about Egypt Scholars Inc., having its logo in Arabic on the shelf behind him.

Dr. Khaled Alashmouny talking about Egypt Scholars Inc., having its logo in Arabic on the shelf behind him.

When Khaled Alashmouny was 10 years old, he used to fix burned AC fuse by twisting 3 filaments of a copper wire and inserting them instead of the fuse to get the AC working again. A couple years later he was electrically shocked many times while playing: “disassembly the refrigerator” to make some measurements with his new toy “multi-meter.”

Alashmouny, today an Analog Integrated Circuit Designer in Apple, is no longer simply twisting copper wire. He holds Ph.D. from Michigan University, is working on the development of future Apple mobile devices. Before joining Apple, he registered several patents and published several papers related to recording and analyzing brain neural signals to detect the sleep apnea syndrome.

Alashmouny said that his greatest contribution though is as the force behind the prevailing scientific and technological online hub represented in a non-profit organization called Egypt Scholars (ES) Inc. The Egyptian revolution demonstrated how networking people through social media can change the world face politically. It inspired him to embark a new scientific and technical volunteering initiative. After discussions with a small group of graduate students and professionals living in different parts of the world, they collaborated to set up ES as a new ecosystem with slogan: “Every Mind makes a Difference.”

”The one must work on something that prosper not during his life but extends its benefits after his lifetime,” Alashmouny said.

They started with a Facebook page then a wiki-site then currently a complete online platform. “We surmounted the limits of the limits,” Dr. Amjad Abu Jbara, Applied Scientist in Microsoft and ES Board Member said.

Alashmouny’s slow venerable talking, sometimes using classic Arabic Language, conceals his enormous energy, Abu Jbara said. “He is a people magnet, energy generator and dynamo,” he added.

Egypt Scholars is not Alashmouny’s first experience in volunteering and gathering people to give sessions and share research experience. In 2010, he was the chair for engineering symposium in University in Michigan, the university awarded him “College of Engineering Distinguished Leadership Award,” for his exceptional contributions.

“He is very persistent, very diligent and always know how to find time,” Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Researcher in Microsoft Research and ES Board member said. ES should focus on more precise goals in 2015, “When there is a far away goal, you run in too many directions wishing any get you closer to your dream,” he added.

Alashmouny was an apathetic teenager, until a day he got sick and his doctor sarcastically remarked on that attitude but his mother zealously strove to vindicate his behavior. “It was a turning point in my life, when I found my Mom thinks that well of me, I reclaimed, to not let her down,” said Alashmouny.

“He has immense passion and his ambition sometimes exceed what all of us as volunteers can afford!” Dr. Abdelrehim Ahmed, Researcher in Microsoft and ES pioneer member said. Dr. Ahmed concurred that currently, empowering the students and teaching them how to make research and how to apply for Masters and Ph.D. degrees abroad are the most important tasks for ES.

Alashmouny envisions Egypt regaining its position as a cornerstone center for excellence in modern sciences, high-tech industries and entrepreneurship. “I learned that the one should develop and invest in the people not the land.”




لمسات و متشابهات و أسباب النزول لسورالقران الكريم

24 Apr

أرجو زيارة الصفحات التي تم اضافتها حديثا علي الموقع عن لمسات و متشابهات و أسباب النزول لسور القران الكريم

أدعو الله أن تكون بفائدة لكم و تكون صدقة جارية لكل من يعمل علي هذه الفكرة، اللهم تقبل

 سورة الفاتحة  و سورة البقرة  (حتي صفحة 13)

سورة النساء (كاملة)

سورة المائدة (حتي صفحة 13)

لست أنا من أعد هذا المحتوي، أنا أنشره فقط، جزي الله كل خير لمن أعتده


التفسير السعدي

أسباب النزول للنيسابوري

لمسات بيانية لفاضل السمارائي

متشابهات للكسائي

كتاب نظم الدررلتناسب الايات و السور


Art is therapy… Teen Visions ‘15

10 Feb


Art is therapy… Teen Visions ‘15

A photograph of a girl committing suicide by cutting her wrist and blood leaking, skeletons, empty roads and zombies, were some of the art pieces on the exhibit at Teen Visions ’15 in Vassar College in Poughkeepsie.

Each piece was a psychological story bleeding in paintings, drawings, and photographs.

The exhibition had more than 60 pieces created by local high school students, who participated in the Art Institute Summer Art Intensive Program.

Most of the pieces were scary and murky; having bones, old bald trees, and vague stairs. Nevertheless, some pieces were different like “Dream & Reality” piece, it had raised hands with big wall clock in the background and butterflies in hot colors.

“Art is therapy!” Todd Poteet, Director of the Art Institute said. He added that art was an outlet for the kids to get out what they were raving about inside. Art helped these kids healing by talking about the suffering and expressing themselves their own way in their art.

As for the suicide piece, he said, “A happy kid made it. Many of her friends committed suicide, which hurt her so much and she wanted to leave something talking about it.”

“Art for Healing Program” is one of the specialized programs that the Art Institute afford. It is a collaboration program with hospitals. It helped kids and patients who suffered from chronological diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer. “Art eases discomfort and painful treatments. Hospitals found that patients who joined the art program healed faster than others. Showing the patients what they drew, enhanced their memory,” added Poteet.

“They do not see light in future that is why it is dark. Usually there are breakdowns in class,” he said that this was the reason behind having many pieces in black and white and without colors.

Madison Wetzell, a student in Vassar college said, “this exhibition reminded me of how to be a teenager: Dark…not much happens really in life while lot of emotions and hopes only. “

She answered that the painting of the girl studying in bed was the piece which she liked most. She smiled and explained that it represented her life.


مقالات نفذتها: هل يقتني طفلك حيوان؟

18 Nov

من مقالاتي لمجلة من أوروبا البلد


مقالات نفذتها: اعرف متى تنسحب ومتى تستمر فى المحاولة – من أوروبا البلد

14 Nov

من مقالاتي لمجلة من أوروبا البلد


مقالات نفذتها: اطفالنا في الغرب و تعلم الصلاة – من أوروبا البلد

13 Nov

الحمد لله أن رواء عندها أطفال أكبر من ابنتي فأتعلم مما مرت به في تربية أبنائها
سألت الكثيرين عن كيف علموا أبنائهم الصلاة و نحن في الغرب

فكانوا لا يستطيعون تحديد الطريقة
لقراءة البقية علي موقع مجلة من أوروبا البلد:


هام للمصريين بالخارج: الرقم القومي – من أوروبا البلد

12 Nov

اخر مقالة لي لمجلة: “من أوروبا البلد”

لقراءة المقال:


النوايا الطيبة وحدها لا تكفي

20 Mar

من قال ان من مات قد مات؟
الموت ليس عدم
من يفهم تواصل الأرواح هذه الأيام؟
أول أمس قلت لأخي في التليفون معادلة ميكانيكا
طلعت قلتها غلط
دادي الله يرحمه جالي امبارح صالحالي في حلم و فكرني بنصها التاني
لما شرحالي زمان قالي:
اه المعادلتين ايه الأول
يعني متعقديش تزقي في شجرة لحد ما يتقطع نفسك و متتحركش الشجرة و لا ميلي، الزق ده هو الforce
كده الproduct “المنتج” “الشغل” ال work يساوي صفر صفر كبير
و تقعدي بعدها تحت الشجرة تتظللي و تقولي أصلي تعبت، أنا عملت اللي عليا
الموضوع له تكملة و مش بيخلص علي كده
بيكمل ان الpower يساوي الشغل علي الوقت
لو “الشغل” صفر يبقي “القوة” “الطاقة” صفر و “الوقت” راح سدي
الله يرحمك يا دادي
و كمان كان دايما يقول:
الكرة اللي برة ال3 خشبات مهما كانت حلوة ..مش جون و محدش بيفتكرها و لا بيجيب سيرتها و بتموت مع الزمن
النوايا الطيبة وحدها لا تكفي
أنا علي حافة الجنون
إحساس عظيم بالفشل الذريع
محدش يسلفني شوية وقت و الأهم من الوقت شوية تركيز 🙂

“Alexander:I shall not be remembered not for what I am but for what I do.
Queen Mother: But what you do, makes you what you are.”

“Alexander: Doing Doing Doing is all what matters in this world”

طيب لازم أبدأ في كتابة كتاب “حكاياتي مع دادي” بأي ثمن
يا رب وفقني لما تحب و ترضي يا رب

“اللهم انا نسألك توفيق أهل الهدي و أعمال أهل اليقين و مناصحة أهل التوبة و عزم أهل الصبر و جد أهل الخشية و طلب أهل الرغبة و تعبد أهل الورع و عرفان أهل العلم حتي أخافك
اللهم إنى أسألك مخافة تحجزنى عن معاصيك ، حتى أعمل بطاعتك عملا ً استحق به رضاك وحتى أناصحك بالتوبة خوفا ً منك ، وحتى أخلص لك فى النصيحة حبا ً لك ، وحتى أتوكل عليك فى الأمور كلها ، حسن ظن بك ، سبحان خالق النور ” .



14 Mar


كتابي الثاني: حكايات عن الحب و السفر

28 Feb

حكايات 2

الحمد لله تم نشر كتابي الثاني: حكايات عن الحب و السفر مع دار النشر دار ليلي كيان كورب


محاضرة هندسة من أجل المكفوفين العرب

06 Dec

The presentation slides


محاضرة هندسة من أجل المكفوفين العرب الني تم إلقائها مع منظمة علماء مصر

إعداد: وائل زكريا و إنجي فوده

تقديم: إنجي فوده

اللهم تقبل




11 Oct

ظلت تجري و تسعي بين الصفا و المروة إلي أن رزقها الله ماء زمزم بعد الظمأ و الشدة و الوحدة، لم تجلس و تبكي
ما أعذب رطب قطرات الماء علي شفتيها و فرحتها بان ابنها يرتوي 🙂
اللهم ارزقنا زمزم و اغفر لنا تقصيرنا في أمرنا و تخاذلنا و ظلمنا لأنفسنا و احشرنا مع السيدة هاجر 🙂
علينا السعي و ليس علينا إدراك النجاح



29 Aug

#من نعم الله دادي الله يرحمه علمني ان دايما وقت الأزمات الطبيعي ان الانسان يقنط فدايما الله يرحمه كان يقولي افتكري نعم الله عليكي و احمديه و صلي
“إِنَّ الْإِنْسَانَ خُلِقَ هَلُوعًا ﴿19﴾ إِذَا مَسَّهُ الشَّرُّ جَزُوعًا ﴿20﴾ وَإِذَا مَسَّهُ الْخَيْرُ مَنُوعًا ﴿21﴾ إِلَّا الْمُصَلِّينَ ﴿22﴾ الَّذِينَ هُمْ عَلَىٰ صَلَاتِهِمْ دَائِمُونَ ﴿23﴾ وَالَّذِينَ فِي أَمْوَالِهِمْ حَقٌّ مَعْلُومٌ ﴿24﴾ لِلسَّائِلِ وَالْمَحْرُومِ ﴿25﴾ وَالَّذِينَ يُصَدِّقُونَ بِيَوْمِ الدِّينِ ﴿26﴾ وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ مِنْ عَذَابِ رَبِّهِمْ مُشْفِقُونَ”
و في ظل الأزمات الطاحنة اللي واحد عايشها
قررت تاني أبص لنعم الله عليا
كل يوم أعمل نفسي نايمة لحد ما تيجي بنتي تصحيني، عشان أول ما بفتح عيني بتضحك، الحمد لله علي هذه الضحكة أجمل ما الدنيا ربنا يديمها عليا نعمة
و أترحم علي دادي الله يرحمه انه دايما يقول أنه بيحب صباحي عشان أول ما بقوم من النوم بضحك -كنت يعني و أنا صغيرة!  –
كنت بستغرب أوي كلامه ده، كان يقولي لما تكبري هتفهمي
و أديني أهه أخيرا كبرت ففهمت


بإمكانكم تحميل كتاب حكايات من الأحلام مجانا

07 Jun

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
بإمكانكم تحميل حكايات من الأحلام مجانا

في انتظار آرائكم و نقدكم

برومو حكايات من الأحلام

تم تصويره أثناء حفل توقيع الكتاب.
فكرة و تصوير و مونتاج و إخراج:
م. شريف زكريا
مدونة همزات
و للحصول علي الكتاب ورقيا

مصر فللحصول علي الكتاب اتصل ب0115777037 و سيصلك للمنزل و بخصم 10%
خدمة جديدة من الناشر دار دون
و الآن متوفر علي موقع أمازون أمريكا و كندا و أوروبا




نظرت لنفسها في المرآة…فبكت

04 Apr

نظرت لنفسها في المرآة…فبكت 
قالت لها صورتها المعكوسة في المرآة:” لا تبك فلا أحد يعبأ بدموعك علي هذه الكرة الأرضية و لا حتي أنا .. نفسك .. لا أحد يهتم ان كنتي تتألمي أو سعيدة لا أحد يعبأ بما تكونين أو تفعلين أو تشعرين !! ” 
“لم يعد عندك ما تعطيه … لم يعد عندك القدرة علي إضحاك الناس أيتها المهرجة …أنتي غير مفهومة.. لا أحد يستطيع أن يري كل تلك الدموع و هذا القلب المعصور خلف هذا القناع المبهر الساحر.. لا تتوقعي الكثير حتي لو خلعتي القناع
” أنتي تعلمي أنك غير مرغوب في وجودك منذ ولدتِ، أمك نفسها لا تطيقك ”
” ليس عليكي سوي فعل أكثر شئ تكرهينه في الحياة… الإنتظار ..ليس عليكي سوي الإنتظار و مع نهاية الحياة ينتهي الإنتظار ”
” ربما ما بعد الحياة ليس أفضل حالاً و لكن دعي لنفسك الأمل فامتحاناتك و محنك دائما كانت عصيبة و كنتي تختاري ما يجب فعله حتي لو كان عكس ما تريدي، لا يصح إلا الصحيح فدعي الصحيح معك في القبر، أملي نفسك أن يكون هذا هو فعلاً الصحيح، تذكري دائماً عشتي وحيدة و ستموتي وحيدة فليس أمامك حلم غيره .. الحلم بالموت … هذا هو أقصي أمانيكي في هذه الحياة ”
و سكتت الصورة و صرخت النفس
فعادت الصورة للكلام ” أتصرخي، فلتبكي و لتصرخي كيفما شئت فلا أحد يراكي أو يسمعك أو يشعر بوجودك، أنتي حبيسة مجهولة مثلي تماماً فلتفرحي أنك أكثر حظاً مني و لست حبيسة لوح زجاج و عندك بعض الفسحة للحركة و أني بحياتك أسمعك و أراكي و ان كنت لا أعبأ بكِ كثيراً ”
و فجأة سكتت الصورة و لم يسمع سوي صوت زجاج يتكسر مختلط بأنين دموع مخنوقة و صوت متحشرج يحاول الصدور و لا يفلح و يظل القلب يدمي بدون أي صوت 


ابدأ شئ مهم

24 Jan



هذه قصة شاب وعد نفسه برحلة إلي الأرجنتين في وقت معين، و رغم أنه كان قد بدأ مشروع جديد إلا أنه قرر السفر و ترك الإدارة لشركائه. في الأرجنتين قابل صديقة تدير مؤسسة خيرية عن تجميع الأحذية و توزيعها علي الأطفال المعدمين، و لكن دائماً ما كان يواجهها مشكلات في مقاسات الأطفال حتي لو جائهها العديد من التبرعات و لم يتوافق المقاسات فينتهي الأمر إلي أطفال لا يزالوا حفاة!!
فقرر عمل مشروع إستثماري يحمل نموذج لمشروع تجاري جديد يعتمد علي مبدأ جديد: واحد لواحد، أي لكل حذاء جديد يشتريه، سيعطي حذاء جديد مصنع علي مقاس طفل في الأرجنتين.
و هو في الأرجنتين لاحظ أنهم يلبسون نوع قماشي من الأحذية و تعجب كيف لهذه الأحذية لم تدخل السوق الأمريكي، فقرر أن يبحث عن صانع أحذية محلي يقبل بتعديل التصميم التقليدي قليلاً ليلائم السوق الأمريكي
علماً أن هذا الشاب لم يكن عنده أي فكرة عن تصنيع الأحذية و لكنه قرر أن يخوض التجربة من أجل هؤلاء الأطفال الحفاة
بعد عدة سفريات و جولات علي صناع الأحذية المحليين و رفضهم فكرة مشروعه، وجد واحدا وافق و اضطر أن يسافر له بعيداً عن مكان فندقه في الأرجنتين
و بعد محاولات عديدة و تجارب، صمموا الحذاء الأرجنتيني المعدل و صنعوا منه يدويا ٢٥٠ حذاء
و أثناء ذلك، كان افتتح موقع الكتروني يحمل الفكرة و يعرض صور الحذاء ويقبل الشراء أونلاين
عاد لأمريكا ثم جمع بعض أصدقائه و هو يحنل تلك ال٢٥٠ حذاء و عرض عليهم الفكرة ليقترحوا عليه ما يجب أن يفعل كخطوة تالية و من يجب أن يخاطب من شركات الأحذية
و اللطيف أن الجميع اشتري منه في نهاية اللقاء

النموذج الذي يقدمه هو: For Profit، أي أنه مشروح ربحي و لكنه يقاسم الأرباح مع مشروع خيري، فيكسب هو شخصياً و أيضاً يصرف علي مشروع خيري و التصنيع كان يتم في الأرحنتين

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الحب و حب التملك

17 Jan

broken heart

الحب هو حب الطرف الآخر و اسعاده

و حب التملك هو حب الذات و استغلال الطرف الآخر لاسعاد الذات.

 الحب هو ان تفعل الشئ لتري البسمة علي وجه حبيبك و ان لم يعرف انك سبب هذه البسمة، يكفيك بسمته، تسعدك بسمته.

أما حب التملك هو ان تفعل الشئ و حين تري البسمة تُعلِم الطرف الآخر انك سببها ليكون ممتن لك، لا يكفيك بسمته انما يكفيك شعور الامتنان لذاتك، و احياناً يتطور الأمر إلي تذكرة بين الحين و الآخر، ثم تذكرة في كل حين، و هذه أكثر الطرق ذوقاً في الذل!!

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قصة جمهورية تكساس

03 Jan

قصة جمهورية تكساس
دخلنا متحف يسمي بول لوكbullock في مدينة أستن في تكساس
وهذا هو رابط المتحف:
المتحف عبارة عن ثلاثة أدوار يجب أن تسير ضد عقارب الساعة في الدور الأول ثم تتبع عقارب الساعة في الدور الثاني و الثالث و لو خالفت ذلك تكون تقرأ التاريخ بالعكس

ممنوع التصوير داخل المتحف تماماً

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لقد هرمت

18 Nov

أشعر كعجوز هرم، حين يحاول التحرك يشعر كأن تلال من الرمل مربوطة بقدميه
كل ما يتمناه: شخص يفتح له الستائر ليري الشمس و يحضر له نظارة القراءة التي نسيها في الحمام في الصباح
يتسمع و لكن لا أحد هناك سوي الساعة بدقاتها الرتيبة
ينظر لها في عتاب و يقول لها دون صوت-فالحديث مع الأشياء لا يحتاج لغة و لا يحتاج صوت، تسمعها و تسمعك دون ضجيج-: ” كل شئ توقف إلا أنتي، ألا تكفي عن صداعي؟!”
فترد هي الأخري دون صوت: “أهكذا تلومني لأني رفضت تركك كالآخرين؟! أحقاً ستسعد لو توقفت أنا عن الدق ؟! ظننت أني أسليك بحركة عقاربي الوقورة، دائما ما تعرف ما سيحدث كل ثانية، لا أفاجئك أبداً”
فيقول لنفسه:”عندها حق!”
“ثم ماذا تريد أنت من نظارة القراءة؟
-ماذا ماذا تقول؟ تقول تريد قراءة الأخبار؟
-ما يجديك من قراءة الأخبار، ماذا يفيدك أنت؟ هي ليست أخبارك و لا أخبار أيامك، هي أيام أناس آخرين
– الشمس ؟! لعل الله خفف عنك من حرقة هذه الشمس
حتي الشمس هذا الزمان لم تعد رحيمة!!
كأن الرحمة تُسحب من المخلوقات كلها علي حد سواء

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كتاب التربية في الغرب

14 Nov

هذا الكتاب نصفه الأول هو كتاب:
parenting skills 

لمراجعة ذلك الجزء:

أما عن بقية الكتاب:
-فالفصل الثالث تحدث عن البيئة
– فصل الرابع لخص كتاب طرق التربية الإسلامية للدكتور محمد قطب مع إعطاء أمثلة حياتية من واقع الحياة في الغرب
-الفصل الخامس و السادس كانا يدرسان حالات بعينها و مشاكل دائمة للأسرالتي تعيش بالخارج مثل مشكلة بداية دخول المدارس و مشكلة الأم المتعبة و غيرها من المشاكل و عرض للحلول لكل المشكلة. 

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رسالة عرفان لرسالة

05 Nov
رسالة عرفان لرسالة
في يوم كان عندنا إحدي قريباتنا، و هي تصغر أمي سنوات قليلة. وجدتني أقوم جرياً من علي المذاكرة و ألبس استعداداً للخروج، فسألتني عن السبب، فأجبتها و أنا عيناي جمرتي نار من الإحمرار لعدم النوم و ليس لقلته، و قلت:”هكذا سأتأخر عن رسالة”
لم تفهم، فرسالة حينها كانت فقط أسرة جديدة بالكلية
فقالت:” أنتي مش شايفة نفسك، إنتي أولي بصحتك و وقتك، تساعدي ناس مين؟؟ هو فيه ناس تستاهل؟؟؟ تلاقيهم و لا حتي بيقولولك شكراً؟؟!!”
فصدمتني الكلمات !!!! كنت أري أساطير لا تصدق من المتطوعين و حماسهم و الآن ها أنذا تصفعني واحدة من أهلي برفضها الفكرة من أساسها !!
لم أدر حينها ما أقوله و الوقت ليس في صالحي فقبلتها و احتضنتها و قلت: ” لا أفعل ذلك من أجل الناس بل لله و لا أنتظر كلمة شكراً بل في الحقيقة أكره سماعها!! نعم هناك ناس لا تستاهل، و لكن ليس كل الناس كذلك. ربما كنا نحن من خُلق بتلك الظروف، ألم نكن لنتعجب أنه لا يوجد من يشعر بنا و يمد لنا المساعدة؟! لا أحد يشتري ظروفه، فلنزكي منها ليديمها الله علينا”
و قبلتها و ذهبت و أنا أشعر أني بقمة فشلي، 

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رسائل غسان كنفاني إلي غادة السمان

02 Oct

حقاً العمر لا يقاس بعدد السنين و لكن بكم المشاعر التي أحسها الإنسان و كم الصراعات و الأهداف التي عاش من أجلها هذا الإنسان!!
كتاب رائع و لكن لا يُنصح به للزوجات التعيسات ::)))
هناك بشر يعيشون العمر لأمده لمنتهاه
يحبون لدرجة الجنون، ينجحون لد

رجة الخلود و يحييون لدرجة الشهادة
هكذا أري غسان
و لكني للعجب لا أتعجب رد غادة السمان علي مشاعره و صدها له و التي تصل لحد تجاهل أو لحد إرسال خطاب ليس به سوي كلمتان “شو هالبرد” أو خطاب ليس به سوي غسان و بياض ثم إسمها
لا عجب في أن يجن جنونه حين تصله مثل هذه الخطابات بعد شوق و لهفة جنونيين يصلان لحد الذل !!

و لكن الكتاب ناقص النص، هذه هي نصف الحقيقة فقط

و قريبا ان شاء الله سأضع المقتطفات… 🙂